Get Ready


After much research, review and trial periods I have a new website.

Yes. A brand spanking new site and I could not be happier. Or prouder. In fact the last time I was this proud of something I created I was holding a brand spanking new Sinatra. For the record Sinatra was red-faced and squalling and I was so gosh darn bursting at the seams proud of the lung capacity on my almost 34 weeker.

Come, visit, learn about me, what I do and how I am disturbing the universe one empowered Mom / Sister / Daughter / Grandma / Friend / Dad / Brother / Son at a time. Yes, I empower you and then send you forth to ripple the surface of the pond of life with your amazing prowess and extraordinary You-ness.


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Is there a quieter word for quiet?


Tuesday evening I attended a prayer service.

During her announcements on Sunday morning our Pastor mentioned the service in a manner that led me to consider it casual, laid back and free flowing. I’ve been wobbling lately. Stepping carefully, timidly side to side, just much more than I am used to. Nothing wrong with finding one’s way, but it’s tough to listen to the advice of the cosmos when you live with a toddler. Sinatra is adding words to the toddler lexicon at lightening speed and this particular blessing of motherhood is leaving me craving quiet. I mean my.toddler.talks.nonstop.

Quiet reflection in the dimly lit, white washed chapel sounded both divine and Divine.

As is typical my Pastor did not disappoint.

As is also typical, neither did the cosmos.

The chatter box is fun to listen to, today. The cows and the owls are having a play date with Pooh Bear and Piglet – Daniel Tiger stopped by. For some reason I can’t discern Tigger is not invited. Neither is Katarina or Rapunzel – but – Snoopy, Snoopy is welcomed by all groups. Snoop’s cool like that.

To my fellow Toddler Moms… I’m open to suggestions for grown up quiet time… let me know how you combat the chatter?



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Thankful Thursday: Some Days You’ve Got to Look Hard


Been a while since we’ve visited. I wish I had been away because I was enjoying fun, sun and cocktails. I wish I could photo bomb sandy beaches, infinity pools, ocean vistas and exotic cocktails. Alas, I was home all this time. Finally, the time has come to be

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–” ~ Lewis Carroll

The time has come.

I struggle with how much personal information to share here. Not so much for myself, I’m committed to be being ‘out there’ as a health, wealth & transformation coach. However, I feel a fierce need to protect my loves… and that always makes me think twice before posting. What I say in this space affects them. There is no getting around that – we live in an age where the internet and connections we make to people we have not yet – and may never – meet in ‘real life’ become friends. So, I’m cautious.

I am committed to being honest in this space. I am also and very importantly committed to being grateful and positive. I know as a coach, as a clairvoyant, as a working psychic that our mind rules. The quiet here is the manifestation of my determination having taken a brutal beating over the past five months. Feeling sick, sucks. Mooning and whining about how sick you feel, sucks too. Not being able to make plans more than a few days in advance – sucks big time.

So… the time has come. To take charge and count the blessings amid the suck. Cuz, the suck won’t be changing anytime soon. I fear it may be my new normal, if that’s the case the only thing to do is make the suck my bitch. Here is not particular order are some of the many things I’m grateful for at this moment:

Friends: I had productive, affirming conversations with two friends today – both named Nicole. I cherish them, especially as the suck causes other friends to retreat and pull away. I understand – no one likes a whiner. But, when you have friends who stick by you through the suck (and even make you laugh) love them. I’m even luckier because I have a few more than the two Nicoles… seriously I now know who I can truly count on.

Dance Class: Nothing makes me smile like watching Sinatra shake it. It’s awesome.

Great Book: It’s been a while since I read a book simply for the joy of reading a great book. I’m halfway through Being Christian by Rowan Williams. It’s simple – but not simplistic – and beautifully written. That’s all I’ll say for now, as this deserves it’s own post.

Amazing Doctors: I’m thankful I’m not facing the suck alone. After a few false starts I’ve got a great team assembled. If you need an ENT, a Dentist, an Endodontist or an Internist – email me. I’ll share the best of the best. Oh… and they are all very happy & willing to work with each other. At first I was freaked out when they all scratched their heads and said “Hhmm I have no idea…” really not what you want to hear your doctor say.

Prince Charming: Really too many reasons to list without making you all jealous. So I’ll simply say I’m grateful for him every single day. And, I try to show it – especially to him.

I’m warm and snug tonight: Yeah. It’s 18 degrees outside and the temperature is set to plummet to 12 degrees overnight. I’m sitting on a comfy couch, in plush, fuzzy socks, a chenille sweater and a fleece throw. Oh, and a hot cup of tea. All creature comforts I take for granted – but – shouldn’t. None of us who have warm homes, should. So, I won’t. I’ll acknowledge how thankful I am.

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Photo Finish Friday:

My passion project is Laughing Goddess Photography. I sell prints and generally share my brand of creative with the world. I sell hand mounted photo note cards created using my original photos on Instagram! I invite you to follow me – user name laughinggoddessphotography

I will be posting note cards featuring hand mounted original photos (4×6) on lovely ivory cardstock (5×7). The cards sell for $4.00 each or 3 for $10. Shipping within the continental US is free. I’ll post new cards at 7pm EST tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday night. So- check us out. Oh and if you spy a photo on sight you’d like made into a notecard let me know! I love collaborating on custom orders and no order is too big or small.

From now until February 29, 2016 50% of all profits will be donated to help my friend battle cancer. One of the very best people I know, I met Rob more than 20 years ago… which means I’ve known him more than half my life.

There is a lot about cancer that, well, just sucks. A lot. One of the things that sucks the most is how quickly it can drain finances – even when you have insurance. The co-pays, costs of over the counter medicine, travel costs (gas, tolls, parking) really mount quickly. Toss in reduced earnings and the potential for lost wages among caregivers and it’s a recipe for crippling stress levels no one should have to deal with on top of the soul crush of already dealing with cancer.

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Thankful Thursday: What’s in my blessing jar?

FullSizeRender-7Just around the first of last year I posted this photo of my blessings jar. It was New Year’s Eve 2014 and these sweet jars began popping up all over social media – and I immediately had to have one.

Of course by the time I got around to making mine it was late, well past 8pm, and that meant I had to make do with what I could lay my hands on in the house. A quart sized mason jar, pretty ribbons and a hand written tag – et viola – I was in business.

This little beauty started 2015 on our window ledge (she looked so at home in the greens and candles). On January 7th we took down the decorations (always after Epiphany  – unless the tree is so bald it’s a hazard) and the jar lived on the kitchen counter (firmly my domain) until I pulled the trigger on a new desk and set up the office in late February. She’s lived on my desk between framed photos ever since.

On a more or less daily basis I write a note of thanks on a slip of paper and add it to the jar; somedays are wonderful and I write many notes. Other days I get lost in the hunt for paper or pen. Some days are a challenge and I sit and stare at my jar and wonder why she mocks me.

A year later I had the joy of looking back over 297 little notes. I smiled and I cried and smiled some more.

2015 was just like raising a toddler. The tantrums are epic, public and crazy making. The sweet moments when  they fall asleep in your lap and you don’t move them are precious. The ‘firsts’  make your pride swell. The funny moments when you’re playing dress up and little hands give you Elsa’s tiara and the tiny voice calls you ‘Queen Mommy’ those moments you file away and keep – forever.

I’m crazy grateful (no pun intended) for this quart sized mason jar. The memories she holds are priceless. The most special to go back and read are the little things, the memories that slipped my mind and are only brought back when I read my own notes.

Like this one. 1.8.15 – I am so very thankful the power was restored! I had completely blanked on the day into night last year when we lost power and had no heat or hot water during a frigidly cold afternoon. At 4:30pm I was packing overnight bags and frantically scrambling, wondering how I was going to carry the bags and my twenty month old down seven flights of stairs. I had been trying to hold out until Prince Charming could get back, but it was just too cold. I had to move Sinatra. That’s when I heard the click and hum and the light in the kitchen snapped on. Reading those nine words a year later gave me the chills that only come with an answered prayer.

Another. 3.13.15 – My baby had the biggest, brightest smile on the carousel today. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the woman working the ride who just said ‘Wave at me when you’re done, ok?’ It was so, so cold and so, so worth it. Yes, to some that’s the day Sinatra’s Mom lost her shooter marble. I bundled up a twenty-two month old and took her to the zoo, to ride the carousel. The lady who worked the ride totally got it. She saw the membership card and joked about how sometimes you just can’t be inside anymore. And we couldn’t. Couldn’t be in the house one more day, couldn’t pretend walking around the mall was an adventure anymore.   We rode those bugs five or six times – in a row. Magic.

And because three is the charm:

7.2.15: I passed. I’m a CPC. I passed. Yeah, I passed my CPC exam this year.

When I began this collection I had grand plans to burn the slips in a roaring fire on New Year’s Eve 2015. I didn’t do that. I tucked them away and set the empty jar back on my desk, between the photos.





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Wordless Wednesday: A Long Winter’s Nap

Someone is enjoying the colder temps in New York City!

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Have you ever faced a similar situation?

Have you ever faced a similar situation? How did you navigate it that time? I’ve asked those questions of clients many, many times. Often taking a moment’s stock of a time when it ‘hit the fan’ and we managed to get by gives us the courage to come unstuck.

I’ve been seeing notes and quotes about Mercury Retrograde pop up on Facebook and twitter and instragram – and many of them have a shriek to their tone. These shrieks brought back the worst retrograde fail of my life – the one I point to and say I lived through that, so I can survive this one too.

To be clear: I am a double Virgo with Mercury in Virgo. Put simply this means when I was born, the Sun, Moon and planet Mercury were in the sign of Virgo. Mercury is the ruling planet of both Virgo and Gemini – and typically both signs stand to be whooped during Mercury Retrograde. All of that is to say I take Mercury Retrograde precautions very seriously, indeed.

So, from January 5 to January 25th I resolve to keep cool (as much as I normally ever do), take my time, watch my words, spell check everything twice, double check that I have my phone, wallet and keys before leaving the house and recognize that things will still get screwed up. Can I, a double Virgo, really be so calm when faced with this information?

I wasn’t always this calm about retrograde and I still reserve the right to freak out in the next twenty days. Reserving that right leads me to share the story of that time my professional career went to Hades in a hand basket and still, somehow when the dust settled it was all ok. Imagine? It was all ok – before I was a Life Coach and knew there are no mistakes and everyone is meant to be our teacher.

I want to be fair and say this story was brought about by an error on my part and as far as silly, even stupid errors go – this one takes the cake and for just about 18 hours I really did think I was going to be fired.

What did I do?

I double booked meetings with two seriously big time authors – and didn’t realize what I had done until two days before the meeting(s) when I sat down to finalize the agendas. Oh and the bonus which proves this was an epic Mercury Retrograde screw-up? My manager, her manager, most of our art department, a couple of directors and and no less than three vice-presidents were all invited to both meetings and no one noticed. That’s right, for a few weeks several very smart people (and my manager- more on her later) had conflicting meetings on their electronic calendars, which the email program highlighted red (“Danger Will Robinson, Danger”) and no one realized until I did – that morning.

So, at the 11th hour I had to admit my mistake and take my lumps. No getting around it – I called both meetings, it was my mistake a point my boss hammered home, loudly. I was mortified. I actually wondered how hard it would be to learn to bi-locate and just lead both meetings simultaneously. After all it had to be easier than rescheduling big important meetings with less than 24 hours notice. Oh, and did I mention both authors had to travel several hours to make the meetings, in person? No. Well they did.

When I made the dreaded call to my very, very smart, important, big money author – only because I knew he hadn’t left home yet – and made a joke about not yet mastering the art of bi locating. He laughed.  Seriously, he laughed like I was channeling George Carlin. He was also kind and gracious agreeing without hesitation to reschedule. Yes, that phone call I was dreading, which my manager was so very furious I had to make was over in less than five minutes, with a meeting easily rescheduled for a week later.

Want to know the best part? The most ironic part? The absolutely, positively this can only happen during Mercury Retrograde part?

The other folks took rescheduling in stride, too. Yes, the editors, the directors, the vice-presidents all shook their heads and mused at how they didn’t notice the conflict, either. Just ‘too many meetings’ they said and thanked the author for his flexibility; they even thanked me for thinking quickly and sounding the alarm. We met the following week. The author made quite the show of presenting me with beautifully wrapped box – containing a calendar and a sci-fi book on time travel.  Everyone laughed.

My point – I survived. I survived double booking two major contributors to the world of science and a man very likely to win a Nobel Prize gifted me a calendar. Our team had the mother of all inside jokes and we bonded in a way few teams ever do. I also have a crazy amazing role model for how to treat people who screw-up schedules and fall prey to Mercury Retrograde.

There are no mistakes and we are meant to learn from everyone we meet. Happy Mercury Retrograde.


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