Is there a quieter word for quiet?


Tuesday evening I attended a prayer service.

During her announcements on Sunday morning our Pastor mentioned the service in a manner that led me to consider it casual, laid back and free flowing. I’ve been wobbling lately. Stepping carefully, timidly side to side, just much more than I am used to. Nothing wrong with finding one’s way, but it’s tough to listen to the advice of the cosmos when you live with a toddler. Sinatra is adding words to the toddler lexicon at lightening speed and this particular blessing of motherhood is leaving me craving quiet. I mean my.toddler.talks.nonstop.

Quiet reflection in the dimly lit, white washed chapel sounded both divine and Divine.

As is typical my Pastor did not disappoint.

As is also typical, neither did the cosmos.

The chatter box is fun to listen to, today. The cows and the owls are having a play date with Pooh Bear and Piglet – Daniel Tiger stopped by. For some reason I can’t discern Tigger is not invited. Neither is Katarina or Rapunzel – but – Snoopy, Snoopy is welcomed by all groups. Snoop’s cool like that.

To my fellow Toddler Moms… I’m open to suggestions for grown up quiet time… let me know how you combat the chatter?



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