Meet The Coach

Ah, that is the age old question, isn’t it?  Who am I?

From the blog content it’s a safe bet you can guess I’m a Life Coach!

This career is a true and proper calling and I can’t remember when I’ve ever been so happy to head to work in the morning. Seriously, Love This Gig! Helping others break through barriers and witnessing them transform into the most amazing versions of themselves (which so many tell me they never thought possible) is a thrill, honor and privilege.

I’m a Certified Professional Coach – or CPC. I completed my coach training at IPEC The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching from March to December 2014.  I host a bi-weekly radio show Guiding Yourself Into Being at 8pm Thursday evenings on the Life Coach Radio Network.

My specialty is Coaching folks through physical transformation – be that removing 20 or 220 excess pounds – by helping them identify and remove the inner blocks and barriers to their goals. I’ve coached people around ramping up businesses, jump starting job searches and strip searching their very own souls to meet their authentic selves.

Want to make strip searching your soul more productive and immeasurably gratifying? Send an email, reach out through Facebook or leave a comment.


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