Perspective & the power of the purse

In my last post I shared my love of Thanksgiving. It’s true, I genuinely love not just the holiday but the idea behind the holiday. Spending time with people you love, enjoying one another – no need for gifts, no material expectations and pie. If your family is anything like mine there will be lots and lots and lots of pie.

Over the past few weeks there has been talk about Black Thursday / Black Friday. Who is closing on Thanksgiving and thereby allowing their employees a day with family. Who is opening Thanksgiving night  – early – so dinners and celebrations are cut short.  Oh and please remember the job market has been tight for so long many older Americans have taken retail jobs to make ends meet. So… yeah… Mom and or / Dad may have to excuse themselves from the table early to rush off and report to ring up socks and shirts.  How will you feel if your Grandparents excuse themselves early because they had to report to work greeting folks who entered their store?

What are we doing? Really. What are we doing? What are we teaching our kids? Where are our values? And, has anyone bothered to notice if you really want to shop on Thanksgiving you can do so, online? Without exception the internet is open for business? Most stores offer nearly identical online / in store discounts?

That bit that really makes my blood boil? The news I’m hearing that some mall management companies will lay excessive fines on stores who choose not to open. One mall chain is being reported at threatening an $1,100 an hour fine. I haven’t been able to verify this – nor disprove it – beyond learning that each of the mall manager’s locations is operationing on a different schedule, determined locally. I just verified, with a call to the mall office that our local mall is actually closed all day on Thanksgiving. The lady I spoke with couldn’t (wouldn’t?) comment on other locations run by the property manager, and that is fair. It’s enough to know that some locations are holding the holiday as a day of thanks.

I realize ranting on retail shopping schedules isn’t quite a typical life coach topic. Bear me out a moment. Life coaching is about being 100% authentic and teaching how to live an authentic life by example. So, I’m going beyond the rant. Over the next few weeks I’m going to share my favorite small business, artisans and crafts people. I’m going to share my favorite (and always well received) out of the box gift ideas.

Here’s why. I am a committed ‘small shopper.’ I am a small business owner x2 (Life coaching and a small boutique photography operation). Oh and I absolutely believe a well-played boycott will change minds… seriously the power of the purse is huge and my friends we hold the strings. Shop with your heart and remember your purse strings are powerful.

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