In Summer

Oh c’mon admit you. You just sang this title, in Olaf’s voice.

It’s ok. I did too, which is why I used that as a title. Plus, it’s much more catchy than today is August 12th. Much less run on sentence than Today is August 12th which means more than five more weeks of Summer remain so let’s stop talking about Fall Fashions, back to school and wishing away Summer fun, OK?

Yes, for most folks Summer starts on the last day of school and ends on Labor Day. I am, for the record, am not person. Summer begins on June 21st (or 20th / 22nd check your local listings) and ends on September 21st (or 20th or 22nd, again see your local listing). I like to squeeze every bit of sunshine out of the season that I possibly can  – which is why I still have 5+ weeks. Come over to my way of thinking and enjoy the second week of September at the beach… it’s bliss… warmer water, cooler sand and a decided lack of crowds.

So, with those extra weeks stretched ahead of me, I thought I’d deliver on the goal updates I promised.

A Baker’s Dozen Summer 2015 Goals – All about Me Update

  • Visit and photograph Union Church plus one more local landmark!
  • Run a 5k and a 10k. I logged a virtual 5k three weeks ago. I registered for a local 10k, but with a start date in October, that won’t quite qualify.
  • Photograph: a sunrise, a sunset, a lightning storm, a new garden. The community garden at the Bronx Zoo is a learning space for urban kids to get a better idea of where food comes from and how it’s grown. That’s our home zoo and I was thrilled to find the project and doubly thrilled to snap pics. Sunrise / Sunset are in the works… stay tuned. 
  • Host a brunch honoring the amazing women in my life. Great idea, but, won’t happen this season.
  • Crochet blankets for the newest family members (coming Summer & Fall 2015): Three of four!  The first made to welcome my new (and quite frankly adorable niece) has been gifted. Two are nestled in tissue and ribbon on the closet shelf waiting for their new owners to arrive. The fourth, oddly intended for a baby due this month, is in progress.
  • Run 100 solo miles outside: 42 miles are logged / 58 miles remain.
  • Girls Night Out. Same fate as brunch.
  • Spa day (oh… it’s been a long, long time) Some ideas, soon to be executed
  • Get the weights on my big lifts (bench, dead lift, squat) up by 20%. All lifts have increased and I’m pretty sure we’ll meet the 20%. 
  • Go to the movies all by myself! Doubtful. Sinatra’s first trip to the movies was a huge success, though, so I’m too bummed.
  • Rock my CPC exam. Check I ticked this box back in July and celebrated in real time!
  • Outdoor yoga: I’ve been twice, Charming’s intense work schedule and client obligations have nudged this out a few times, but plenty of summer left to enjoy sunset yoga.
  • Savor a Khor’s Bros. twisty cone. Still time… 

Summer 2015 Family Fun – An Update

  • Spend the day at a new zoo; eat ice cream for lunch Check! 
  • The beach, a long walk on the boardwalk and lunch breakfast with the Fairy GodMother Check! 
  • Enjoy the deserted city as locals head south or east before the tourist flock lands (that is just about a 2 week window in late June) Check! 
  • Enjoy the world-class museums in our own backyard – our goal is to visit 2. Still time
  • An Amusement Park… or two. One down one to go
  • Strawberry picking (a family tradition the Hubs can’t wait to share with Sinatra & me – we’re lucky girls). Make jam from said berries. Check- and the jam was tasty! 
  • Keep the window herb garden alive all season. We started small and hope to build each year as our skill set grows. Our windows get near constant sun and act as an amazing greenhouse – far too many basil plants were killed to continue the experiment. 
  • Outdoor concerts by the West Point Band and NY Philharmonic Timing isn’t feasible with Sinatra’s schedule. In theory this is wonderful, in practice we’ll wait a year.  
  • Roadtrip!Check! Momma’s got a beach baby!! 
  • Wildcard… because something new and awesome is bound to come up!

Five more weeks, people. Five more weeks

Make ’em count!

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