Photo FInish Friday: A Prayer for Chattanooga

Pacific Ocean at the Hotel Del Coronado

Pacific Ocean at the Hotel Del Coronado

Six or so years ago I was in San Diego for a convention and added some vacation time to enjoy my favorite California locale. That trip was the first time I took the ferry out to Coronado and I rented a bike to explore the island. Armed with a little touristy map I set out to have lunch at The Del.

I promptly made a wrong turn, but it’s such a pretty island I never considered myself lost. At one point I pulled my bike off the road, walked onto this gorgeous deserted beach and started snapping photos. I don’t remember how long I was there before the Marines showed up but they did and I instinctively knew I had a lot of explaining to do. They were about as kind and nice as anyone could be, and much more resolute than anyone I had ever met.  After showing some ID and explaining how I came to be on the beach I was informed I was actually on the outskirts of a US Military Base and had to leave. I also had to delete the photos – and I had to delete them while they watched. I will never forget the shorter Marine with the thick Southern accent laughing (in spite of himself) as I deleted photos and explained I didn’t consider why the beach might be deserted – I just considered it good luck since there were no people to mess up my photos.  They gave me directions back to The Del. I thanked them, they thanked me for cooperating and we all parted ways with a funny story and for me a lesson learned about deserted beaches in Southern California.

I don’t remember the last time I thought of that day. The news from Chattanooga most certainly brought it back to mind. I am heartbroken for the four families who lost their Marines and pray the they find comfort and peace; somehow, someway.

My passion project is Laughing Goddess Photography where I share my crazy brand of creative with the world. I offer some photos and raise funds for worthy, worthwhile causes and charities.

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