On The Radio

I have the most  exciting news to share. In less than seven hours I’m going to host my own radio show. I’ve done two shows already and was blessed to stand beside three amazing, glorious coaches who made learning the ropes not only easy – but super fun.

Tonight I’m on the LifeCoachRadioNetwork at 7pm – and I’m flying solo.

I’m more excited than I was the night before Santa brought Barbie’s Dream House back in ’81. Yes, I am jumping out of my skin.

My show, Guiding Yourself Into Being will focus on topics related to healthy body transformations at all ages and stages. Let’s face it the transformations are always in progress. You’ll never ‘be done’ with weight loss and the attainment of physical health. A good thing when you consider it ends with what my Grandma calls ‘… that very looong sleep.”

Tonight I am interviewing Oma Sims. I’ve known Oma for twenty years and in that time she has been a friend, a sister, a partner in crime, a travel companion, a mentor and always the best woman in the room. She’s a gifted Life Coach, Reiki Master and creator of the most incredible bath oils, scubs, soaps and candles (replete with healing compounds) you’ll ever encounter.

Tune in tonight at 7pm. We’ll talk about letting go of your fear, guilt and shame so you can transcend whatever is blocking your transformation.

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