Photo Finish Friday: Embrace the Curve

“Go as far as you can see; when you get there you’ll be able to see farther.”

~J.P. Morgan

I posted that quote on my facebook page. It was liked by many, commented on a by a few. Certainly such activity is not unusual on social media, especially facebook, however this brought a great realization to my mind.

We are all uncertain about the direction the path leads. It is deeply understandable that we want to ‘look before we leap’ and taking a plunge is scary. Today I offer a photo of my favorite path to walk, to run and to play on.

Embrace the curves my friends, embrace them.


My passion project is Laughing Goddess Photography where I share my crazy brand of creative with the world. I offer some photos and raise funds for worthy, worthwhile causes.

*I’ll try to upload the video, after my conference breaks up. If you haven’t seen this you really, really, really owe it to yourself to give them a whirl – it’s a riot. Not to mention on point with out current weather.

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