Photo Finish Friday: An Ode to Downton…

As you very likely know by now Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, visited the Downton Abbey set at Ealing Studios this week. From the photos and stories floating on the interwebs it seems she (a self professed DA fan, too) had a blast. The cast seems quite smitten with her, too. So, in honor of her visit and my unabashed love for all things DA I offer you this photo from the Newport Flower Show.

The show is hosted by The Preservation Society of Newport County. Touring the mansions brought so many of the fine details of Downton to life for the Fairy Godmother and Me – and we relished every moment. If you are a Downton fan I highly recommend a visit to the mansions. As flower show buff I say the Newport Show was first-rate and definitely not to be missed!

Newport Flower  Show  2015

Newport Flower
Show 2015

My little passion project is Laughing Goddess Photography where I share my crazy brand of creative with the world. I offer some photos and raise funds for worthy, worthwhile causes.

On a very personal note I have to give very high marks -A+++ – to The Preservation Society. They went over and above our expectations to accommodate FG’s accessibility needs and did so with good humor, grace and style.

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