Accountability: March Goal Update

The plan when I posted my goals was to update on progress each month. More than perfection it really is progress that shapes us. How easy would it be to claim ‘things are crazy’ and skip the update in a month where I fell short of my goals? Very easy. Super easy. But easy never leads to change and without change we are stuck. Plus, I really love it when bloggers update you on their progress. So, it’s only fair to offer you the same peek into my life, right?

The not so big yet somehow biggest surprise? How bloody awesome it is to have a measure of progress. Despite some setbacks (we all have ’em – life coaches aren’t immune) and things out of my control (weekly blizzards) that’s the truest value of writing what you’re after / want/ wish for / goal lists. You can compare the list to where you are now, adjust your plan and continue moving forward.

Just keep swimming...

Just keep swimming…

The Good:

Eat more whole foods: I’m currently in the middle of a juicing / smoothie / protein shake making bender. Here’s a little tidbit: freeze fresh cranberries and toss them into a blender with citrus fruits for an amazing tart taste. A cup of cranberries, a peeled lime and  fuzzy navel protein powder are a wonderful taste and reminder of summer.

We’ve averaged takeout twice a week for dinner. While I want to bring that down to weekly pizza, I’m ok with this as it stands, now.  We’re also eating supper together about 3-4 times a week with great consistency. I’ll take it.

I’ve cut waaay back on the diet coke thanks in large part to (positive) peer pressure. The Hubs is cutting back on DC, too. The pantry currently has 118 liters of seltzer in assorted flavors (raspberry, lime and lemon are the favorites) thanks to some big sales around these parts. Plus I treated myself to a nifty new water bottle while I’ll share the wonders of in another post.

Hands down the biggest successes where in the visiting and laughing category. The weather on Ash Wednesday cooperated and Kramden and I began a tradition of getting ashes with the Fairy Godmother. After Mass we went back to FG’s house for a hot bowl of soup and giggles. Later some more friends dropped by and stayed on later than we should have laughing and joking.  Last weekend my cousin hosted an amazing girl’s brunch where Kramden made a new friend and met some family that doesn’t get to gather all that often. Reminiscing, laughing and munching were truly abundant – and everyone agreed much needed thanks to snowmageddon.

I’m proud to say my written classwork has been submitted, I’m studying hard and coaching everyone I meet (weather they now it or not) and I’m thinking about positive outcomes on my certification test. Happy dance bonus news: I’ve got some big business news to share in the coming weeks. Just waiting for the ink to dry (as the saying goes).

Imagine who you want to be, then BE HER

Imagine who you want to be, then BE HER

Can be Improved:

My lifts are coming along slowly and surely. I can barely hobble today due to the squatting that’s been taking place. I’m looking forward to logging 3 training sessions a week instead of my current 2 – hence the ‘improvement’ category.

I’m putting this goal here, since snow is out of my control. I had to cancel my third straight meditation group last weekend. I’m looking at shaking up the time / day to possibly avoid the weekly snow & ice storms that seem to arrive on Sunday afternoon. Stay tuned.

The website is sooo close to live. Just a couple of techie glitches to work out with the hosting company and we’re go for launch.

More time lacing up...

More time lacing up…

Better get in Gear Here:

The mileage. Whoops! Snow + encroaching responsibilities + exhaustion = 25 February Miles. My goal was to best the 800 mile mark I set the year I dropped 95 pounds and to date I’m at a whopping 85 miles. I was a little shy of the 67 mile mark in January and as you can see I’m way below threshold for February. I’m banking on an early Spring to log more in March. If I crack triple digits in these 31 days I’m back on track.

Family adventures have been planned and canceled with alarming regularity (thanks snow). We’ve been hunkered down reading books, watching family movies, building with our blocks and dreaming of bubbles in the park. Can’t say this enough… c’mon spring!

How are you progressing with your goals? Tell me in the comments or post ’em up on the facebook page!

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