Thankful Thursday: Getting The Hang of Things

I am going to make a confession. I am not technically savvy. Not at all. Not one little bit. Phew! Feels good to get that off my chest. Seriously friends the blogging & social media aspects of being a coach have been a trial by fire.

I really appreciate all of the slack you guys have granted me. I’m just getting the wing of replying (like the technical how to) to your comments. So, if you’ve commented prior and I haven’t written you back, please forgive me. I’m working to get better.

I’m also working to improve my HTML skills so I can launch my actual website in the near future. Slow and steady is the progress -which- is decidedly better than stopped and stalled.


I’ll take it. In return I leave you with a pretty wish for a happy day.

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6 Responses to Thankful Thursday: Getting The Hang of Things

  1. I am not tech savvy either. Blogging is such a learning process!

  2. I like your title Thankful Thursday. I am not tech savy at all either. It takes a lot of work at it, especially getting things straighten out when it comes to blogging. Goodluck!

  3. runsaltrun says:

    You’re doing great! I thought I was totally tech savvy until I tried to move my blog to self hosted and yeah…I’m paying for space I’m not using right now until I can figure it out. This stuff is hard. 🙂

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