Does calling our blessings trite insult them?

Today I am extremely blessed. Each morning I check the weather as I sit on the couch and snuggle Sinatra.  We talk about our plans for the day and what the weather is like.
Today the weather forecasts made me very thankful I didn’t book a trip for this weekend.
Today I am filled with deep, deep gratitude that I hemmed and hawed until finally the event was sold out – in essence the final decision was made for me.
I’m conflicted by how deeply grateful I feel because we live in a world where horrible things lurk around every corner. Too many kids go to bed hungry and cold. Too many Moms worry about their babies shivering in cold classrooms and I’m on the verge of tears over a weekend trip? I fully understand if this sounds trite. You may want to comment, “Hey – have you heard of ISIS?” Those of you who know me ‘in real life’ might want to question why my thankfulness for Alexander Flemming is not front and center.
I have heard of ISIS and I am more grateful for Flemming than you know.
In my world, right now Princess Tea is HUGE.
I have been obsessed with bringing my little one to Princess Tea since I wandered in to the Hawthorne Hotel in late January a few years ago. On a whim I drove  north, camera in hand to photograph the beauty of Salem in the snow. I wandered into the hotel to warm up with some hot soup and a Bloody Mary after a long morning outside. Seriously, I don’t wear gloves when I shoot and I can remember my fingers were long past numb. I remember the moment precisely because I walked into an enchanted space. The hotel decorations reminded me of Sally Field’s great line in Steel Magnolias “That sanctuary looks like it’s been hosed down with Pepto Bismol.”
Welcome to Princess Tea!
Every where I looked little girls were zooming by, screeching and squealing with delight. I was delighted just to be near that exuberance. In one of those perfect, life changing moments I sat intending to have lunch and read, but instead I  watched all the happy girls in party dresses with little tiaras and wands. I remember paying special attention to how happy their Mommas and GrandMommas and Aunties all were. Soon I had one single thought  “If I ever have a daughter I am definitely doing this with her.” I thought that over and over until it became a secret, sacred prayer.
I was sooo close to booking tickets and a room this year. In the end, logic and reason won as I talked myself into waiting another year. I reasoned waiting will mean we can really enjoy our tea and the other wonderful sites the town has to offer. At this age a year means so, so much in terms of attentions span, food preferences, sleeping away from home and all of that will add to our enjoyment. But, my heart had a hard time getting on board. Even after deciding I checked on tickets a few times and felt such an ache to be missing out.
Today, what would have been our travel day, I am deeply and profoundly grateful I waited. The forecasted high in Salem is 16 degrees; with snow all weekend. I might just be stuck in a historic hotel with a very active toddler and I can guarantee you that would be a recipe for misery.
I am so thankful that tea sold out. It closed the books on the ‘should we/ shouldn’t we’ debate. It was as if the Universe solved my dilemma.
I am thankful because If we’d had a sour experience this year we would have both been robbed of what I hope is the start of our annual Mother & Daughter trip.
I am thankful we are safe at home, warm and snug, instead of on the roads in dangerously cold weather. I am silently praying for everyone who has no choice but to be out – stay warm, stay safe. I am silently praying for the people of Salem that the snowfall avoids them – they have had more than 100 inches so far this winter. Driving is treacherous with high snow banks and scarce salt and snow melt for the roads.
I know this is trite to some– but – in my world it’s a humongous blessing.
Today I’m choosing to be thankful for something very important to me.
Today I give you all the space to share what you are thankful for in your little corner of the world, no matter how little it might matter outside your sphere.
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