Happy Monday: Baby Steps Bringing Things Back on Track

After my catharsis via post on Friday I actually managed to tackle a few tasks. I am happy to report my home was cleaned from top to bottom and the grocery shopping got done.

I also recalibrated my to-do list and carved out some time in the weekend to start accomplishing tasks. I am going to admit it now – I’m not a huge football fan, so I worked during ‘the game.’ It was a productive couple of hours and I feel like I’m on much more solid footing than I was on Friday morning.

This morning I filed the papers to incorporate my business. Yes… now I’m really real – even in the eye of the government. Wow. Big step… and I’m happy to celebrate it with all of you.

I’m keeping this week simple. My plan is to post here, regularly, work on the website and wrap up the rest of the documents I need to keep the good folks at the government happy. With the tumult of the past few weeks I feel the need to slow down, step back and re-check the basics. Maybe that’s mercury retrograde talk: check the basics, confirm calls & meetings, make a solid plan. I am also working to be kinder to me.

In essence, I am trying to coach myself in the terms and ways I would coach a client. Let’s be fair negative self talk coupled with camping out in front of the tv with a pint of ice cream isn’t doing me any favors. In taking a step back, I did realize I haven’t given myself any ‘break time’ or ‘down time’ if you will and was starting to show fatigue and burn out in very real ways. I found my center and started to consider how I could support myself, how I could realign my true needs and desires with the top priorities on my lists. The result is some delegation of tasks and some ‘nice to have but not mission critical’ tasks being moved to the back burner. It’s not a perfect plan, but, it’s workable and I needed the reminder: Baby steps daily move you forward just as surely as super feats and amazing notions do.

Baby steps, folks, baby steps.

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