Today’s Post is Brought to you by the Letter P

I love Fridays.

I am not loving today.

And surely now you’re scratching your brain thinking – but today is friday, so … hubba what? 

I love Fridays, partly for the break in routine and partly for the wrap up they represent. This week I have nothing to wrap up and check off as done – because my only successes have been in the field of procrastination. Procrastination which I have my pert perky Gremlin Polly the Perfectionator to thank for bringing to the forefront. Seriously, I have a to-do list with 18 items in some state of working on it,  none of which I can bring myself to declare ‘done’. Worse still, I sit and look at said list and my mind wanders to strange, dark places. By the way, that is only my professional to do list.

Friday mornings I usually get a jolt from checking things off my week’s do list and tallying up the accomplishments. Seriously people, it’s the little things that keep me going.

Then at noon I have a call with some amazing colleagues. We chat a bit, then we work – together, but not really. We sort of all do our own thing, but, there’s the companionship of having your peeps on the phone. I usually save a more technical task for this hour because I’m not the world’s savviest techie and it’s nice to know there are folks around if the water gets too deep.

After that call I keep my schedule wide open and the little one and I go off in search of adventure. Then it’s home in time for Sinatra to have supper, play some more and  run the bedtime route before relaxing in a hot bath while my husband cooks dinner. It’s my cheat meal for the week and he makes the best stromboli so it’s carb heaven. Seriously, stromboli, wine  and a hot bath- what more can a girl ask for?

Well, today I could use a kick in the proverbial pants.

I have a list of chores: personal and professional which require doing.

I have a list of meditation ideas to flesh out and a blog hop I want to implement, plus new software to sample, a website to proofread and bookings to confirm.  Plus, there are groceries to secure, a home to clean and two page to do list that details what I need to get done to keep the ship called family a float. What have I actually done? I watched Grey’s… Yeah… Procrastination brought on by perfection… so I watched Grey’s. Later I am thinking I’ll watch Parenthood and sob over the loss of the Braverman family. If you notice, neither of those options taxes me. So, Polly wins.

Just for today, I want to silence Polly, roll up my sleeves and dive in deep.

Good thing it’s Friday, I’ve got an SOS call at noon and I’m hoping that helps shakes things loose… just for today.

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