Tuesdays on the Run: Goals for 2015

You know something, it’s Tuesday and going to link up with Patty from My No Guilt Life and April from Run the Great Wide Somewhere.  Why? Well, because I think they are cooler than the cat’s pajamas. And, because running is a corner-stone to how I lost weight, kept it off and how I’m losing it again post baby.

This week’s topic is Goals for 2015 – so I say go forth and read and enjoy!



First of all I like the term ‘goals’ much, much more than ‘resolutions.’ Goals require work, some persistence and a dash of crazy. Goals make you sweat, make you scream and make you shift priorities to accomplish.

Goals are good. So, without further ado allow me to introduce mine, in no particular order, which I have expanded on from a previous post.

Fitness, Health & Sanity 

Eat more whole foods and cut way back on processed foods and take out.

Sit down to supper as a family at least four nights a week. Currently, we manage to have a family dinner two to three nights a week and I’m hoping meal planning and better pantry stocking / organization will make the difference.

Bring my water consumption even with my diet coke intake.

Log 800 miles. This was the mileage I racked up the year I lost just shy of 95 pounds so I don’t think I can deny lacing up my kicks = weight loss.

Bench press my body weight & squat 1.5 times by body weight.  It took me just about 15 months of consistent weight training to be able to get that done, but, pre-pregnancy those lifts were easy peasy.

Laugh more, a lot more.

Read more, a lot more. Especially the magazines I set aside each month to enjoy and currently don’t seem to get to crack open.

Visit with friends – phone, text, in person. I’ve come to rely on internet friend connections (email, facebook) and it’s really not the same ‘connection’. I miss hearing voices and the winding trail of a good conversation.

photo flowers

Love, Marriage & Family

Weekly in-house date night.

Go on a date with the hubs every 5-6 weeks.

More family adventures – near and far.

Weekly date with Kramden. I so can not wait until this stupid cold weather is behind us so we can get back to visiting the zoo and going outside with lunch. Nothing makes me laugh so much as my kid trying to share cheese and apples with the Bronx Zoo Camels.

cape may

Business & Coaching

Rock the certification exam & notch the hours needed for the ICF.

Launch my website.

Grow my business by expanding my workshop schedule, bringing monthly meditation to a wider audience, launching at least two support groups and taking on a full complement of clients.





I’ve got a plan in place to make each of these goals.

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One Response to Tuesdays on the Run: Goals for 2015

  1. I love that you not only have goals, you have a plan! That’s half the battle. Good luck with all of them and thanks for linking up with us!

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