“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

“Time heals all wounds.”

“Time waits for no man.”

The list of quotes about time go on and on like that fluffy pink bunny from the battery commercials of yesterday. Time. It’s a commodity. It’s rare and as we stand 36 hours into a new year I find time is on my mind.

I was sipping coffee and enjoying breakfast with my favorite wee dining companion when I regarded our meal. We were eating plain yogurt mixed with fresh fruit and some steel-cut oats. This is, pretty typically, what we eat every day. I have some coffee, she has water and I fill her in on the plan for the day: the errands we’ll run, my work schedule, her nap schedule and so on. Yes, I set my agenda at a breakfast meeting with the boss of me.

Today, however, I found myself immersed in the idea of time. I kept turning over in my mind the notion that one healthy breakfast – though perfectly in line with my resolution to eat whole, minimally processed foods – was a drop in the bucket. Seriously one meal a change doesn’t make, especially when you factor in that I’ve been eating this same breakfast with minor variation for just about three years. What we eat for one meal, or two meals or three meals isn’t a deal breaker or a deal maker. If your goal is to eat healthfully then it’s consistency over approximately 1,800 meals a year that makes a difference. It’s how we perform over time.


I offer this suggestion, which I am loath to call advice, give yourself the gift of time this year. The time to let things settle, to let things marinate. The time to try something new – and then evaluation and adjust as you see fit. Rome, as they say, wasn’t built in a day and neither will your best physical self. A year from today you’ll face the early hours of a new year very glad you were consistent.

Note: the estimate of 1,800 meals per year if factored by considering a person will eat on average 5 times daily – either mini meals or meals plus snack.

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