Thankful Thursday: Why is gratitude limited to November?

November = Thanksgiving.

November is a beautiful month.

November is a beautiful month.

Pumpkin Pie. Cranberries. The ultimate dinner to share with family and friends. It’s a holiday that requires no stress over gifts, except perhaps the age-old question of which wine to bring to dinner. In the run up to this holiday we often begin to examine our lives and notice what makes us thankful. There has been a movement lately to post a daily “I”m grateful for…” status update on Facebook. It’s a mania with many people in my own feed even apologizing if they ‘missed a day’.

I like this trend. I’m a fan. I’m huge fan of making every day a day to be thankful to the point of being a nerd about it. That’s just my thing.

I’m also really confused.

My gratitude practice began years ago when the Mom of one of my dearest friends (who I am honored to call a friend in her own right) gifted me with a copy of Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. She was a big fan of ‘SBB’ and made a habit of giving her book to family and friends. I still have my copy which is worn, tattered and dog-eared. There are marks – intentional margin notes and tea stains – the highest praise a book can be bestowed. This book saw me through some rocky times. It made some good times even sweeter and it reminded me at regular intervals that small blessings and kind acts can be very big indeed.

So, back to my confusion. Why have my friends stopped noting their gratitude on Facebook? Moreover, did they feel their lives were richer and fuller during November when they were noting those sweet moments of joy?

I wonder. Did 30 days of noticing the little things make those small wonders more prominent? Did it chase away the blues? Are they still noticing those blessings – and taking note in a silent, profound way?

Do you have a gratitude practice? Share your method in the comments or on Facebook.

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