Thankful Thursday: The Week There Was No Internet*

Let’s be very clear, straight out of the gate, lest I cause a ‘War of The Worlds’ type panic: There was no internet in my home for the past week. The interwebs continued on for all the planet… but… in our little corner at the end of the rainbow, wifi was spotty or non-existent.

Why? We finally moved!

Yes – all the boxes I spent the past two+ months packing during naps and evenings were schleeped to a new, exciting location and unpacked. Promptly causing me to realize two vital things: we have too much ‘stuff’ and need to simplify further and I never want to move again.

The simplification I can do and I’m well entrenched in that goal as we speak. Not moving again, well it’s very likely we’ll do that again within 3 to 4 years. Sigh

In the meantime, it’s good to be home – figuratively and literally.  I’m glad to have internet again, to post here and enjoy reading your blogs. I’m also glad I had the downtime because it led to some really thought provoking conversations with the hubs.

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