Happy Monday: I Forgive Me – A New Project

I’m a work in progress.

On many occasions I feel like I’ve fallen short. It has become my practice to sit in quiet meditation for a few minutes, a few evenings each week. In my efforts to practice both forgiveness and gratitude I often list what I’m grateful to have in my life and then people / situations I am forgiving and letting go. What I’ve come to realize in these past few months is that it’s much simpler to forgive others than it is to forgive myself.


I do not know.

cape may

In an effort to find out why, I am turning my attention to loving and forgiving myself. In ten short days I will officially be ‘in my forties…’ and for some reason this age related milestone has been cutting close to the bone. Expect some navel gazing, a new plan and worthwhile information to help you be the best you possible.

It’s all about the possibilities and someone has to blaze the trail, so here I go.

Wish me luck and share how you forgive you in the comments.

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