Thankful Thursday: A Mantra

I didn’t link up with Tuesdays on the Run this week. The topic was ‘running mantras’ and you know, I don’t have a running mantra. In fact, I don’t have a mantra at all. In fact, this is the closet I’ve ever come to a mantra.

Isn't this awesome? You can find it here

Isn’t this awesome? You can find it here

Needless to say, I’ve spent the past couple of days thinking about mantras. I decided I wanted one as I read all the cool running mantras the amazing ladies who linked up were using. And, I realized something very valuable – a mantra would be an excellent way to stop the negative self talk in its tracks.

What have I come up with? Well a positive mantra can shift a negative self talk spiral. It can be something that grounds you or picks you up. I can be the touchstone that helps you sink into a relaxed, meditative state or your battle cry that makes the final push of a tough project possible.

I was walking today and realized I wanted a mantra that expressed my gratitude for all things in my life – large and small. I wanted to express the joy I have for the wonderful like I live; something to repeat over and over and over… when sad thoughts creep in.

My Mantra: I am Grateful.

Simple. To the point. Potent.

What’s your mantra?

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