Best of the Week: Doing & Listening & Reading & Watching

I’ve been an avid blog reader far longer than I’ve been a blog writer and I do enjoy when bloggers have a fun Friday round-up style post. I have been given some serious thought to such a feature and after a fair amount of debate with myself have hit upon a nice mix of life coaching and life.  I hope you’ll enjoy the best of this week!

Doing: Yoga. Yoga and I have an on again / off again love affair and as of Wednesday night we’re together again. I attended a donation based class in one of our beautiful parks hosted by a local studio. I’m sore in places I forgot were part of my body. Love This Feeling 

I tried to embed the video, but alas, technical difficulties got the better of me.

I tried to embed the video, but alas, technical difficulties got the better of me.

Listening: The soundtrack to Chicago has been knocking around my brain. Proving he is truly the man of my dreams the hubs readily shared his cd of the score. I have been signing along with the Merry Murderesses of the Cook County Jail all week.

ReadingStardust by Neil Gaimin. Last year I read this to a sleepy newborn Khaleesi. One of my all time favorite stories it’s on my annual reading list, so we’ve circled back and it’s been our designated nap time book this week. The facial expressions at the descriptions of the Unicorn and the Star are melt my heart every time.

best hotels

Travel + Leisure August 2014 Issue. I devour read this magazine each month and  the annual reader’s choice poll of the best hotels is a particular favorite.  I love to see which places I’ve been to and the loudly agree / disagree with the comments. What can I say it’s a pass time that amuses me.

energy leadership

Energy Leadership by Bruce D Schneider. Bruce is the founder of IPEC the coaching school I attend. I read this book in January to prep for my classes and picked it back up this week to refresh myself after a particularly insightful conversation with my coach. Before I knew it I was 75 pages in with no desire to stop reading… so I didn’t.

Watching: I can remember when I was a kid, before DVR’s and cable station original programming. summer television meant one thing: re-runs. My mother was (and still is since she refuses to get a DVR) a big fan of re-runs; can you tell we tease her about this? I am caught up in the supernatural summer viewing True Blood and Witches of East End.  Personally I was a worried Trubie considering the dismal offering that was last season. This season I’m enjoying the flashbacks giving insight on both Bill and Eric’s past. As for Witches of East End season two has departed further from the books, mostly in a good way that makes for a fun show with a sneaky habit of sucking you in. If you’re in the market for some fun summer reading check out the novels the series is based on. I promise you’ll love them.

Please do note: I’m not endorsing any particular online commerce sites. In fact I’m a bit ashamed to say I linked to them to provide both a known reference point for any interested readers and to give credit to the owners of the original works.

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