One more safety tip

Photo Copyrighted by Laughing Goddess Photography, All Rights Reserved

Photo Copyrighted by Laughing Goddess Photography,         All Rights Reserved

The tip I posted yesterday, about the pony tail,  came from my brother who is a law enforcement agent. He first told me about this nearly ten years ago – maybe more – it was one of those things that stuck, because it resonated.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who posted comments or sent a note about yesterday’s post.  I am humbled and excited by how many people reached out. Humbled to think I can reach out to folks I’ve never met and make a positive impact on their lives. This is my dream – and I feel the need to pinch myself and make sure. I”m humbled and deeply grateful. 

In light of this response I am sharing a second bit of safety advice my brother has passed on to me. For those of you who are parents, or perhaps out and about with the special tiny human in your life, don’t keep your wallet or keys in your diaper bag.

A diaper bag hanging off the back or handles of a stroller is very easily and very often removed when the parent (or auntie) is busy attending to the tiny human. By the time the tiny human no longer requires your attention – and you then realize the bag is gone – the pickpocket has put distance between themselves and you. This is an especially common in malls, so please keep alert while shopping. It’s very likely you won’t even get a good look at the thief- and you have to replace keys and your id and credit cards.

I myself strap the diaper bag to the stroller, but, keep my wallet, keys and phone in a small, cross body purse. Yes, it’s a hassle to have to handle two bags and Kramden. On the other hand it’s much, much less hassle than it would be to die a slow death wait on line at the D M V to get a license replaced.





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