The post without a catchy title

I’m now completely aware that there are only moods – nothing good or bad about them. Just emotions to feel and process. Before I began Life Coach training I dealt with a bad mood in one of two ways. Option one: I would eat Ben & Jerry’s straight from the pint while watching Steel Magnolias. That movie is guaranteed to hold my rapt attention and make me wail no matter how many times I’ve watched. Perfect combo for working out the sad / mad / angry and self soothing. Followed up with a hot bath and a good night’s sleep I was very likely to be feeling much better in the morning. Option two: just be a grumpy bitch and sequester myself, seething at the world until the perfect storm of emotions passed. And, I would repeat option one as often as needed in an effort to speed up the shedding of the bad mood – to be fair I’d mix up the movie upon replay. Once in a while, every eighteen months or so options one and two would fail. I would pull out the big guns. I’d take a couple of personal days and yes, I may have called in sick a time or two (and honestly, in such a snit it was better for everyone I wasn’t in the office), pack a bag and leave town. I didn’t bother to tell anyone where I was headed… and more than once I just hopped in the car and drove for an hour, letting the wind determine my direction. In the past during such moods I’d end up at the family beach house (off season) Annapolis, Salem, Newport, Boston … notice the thread, I always went to the water. Why? I’m not entirely sure beyond saying there is something calming about crashing waves and the abrasive sting of salt water in your face has first rate cleansing properties. photo-48 As a Life Coach I am now keenly aware that all emotions have power. There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ moods. Just moods. Making an informed choice to feel cranky, crispy and raw – is fine. Just let it be your choice. Feel all there is to feel and don’t rush through simply stuffing the emotion down. How do you all deal with a cranky mood?

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