Thankful Thursday: An Acorn

I have a confession.
I have a coach.

Yes, most of us Life Coaches have a Life Coach of our very own. It is actually one of the best things about being a coach. While I never thought I would say this, having someone to keep you accountable is truly something for which I’ve grown thankful.

It’s not just accountability. It’s all the perks of having a Coach: someone to cheer you, challenge you, keep you on task and help you look within to assist in unearthing the answers you hold within. Even better… I am a Life Coach’s Coach – and there is no better way to sharpen your skill set than Coaching a Coach. You step-up to the plate quick and fast when you’re working with one of your own. It’s AWESOME!

Today I’m giving thanks for my Coach, who is nothing short of double awesome with sprinkles (to borrow a phrase from my favorite tween).
Yesterday we were having our weekly call and she said the magic words: “Allow me to say this and plant a seed…” When the phrase ‘…plant a seed…’ comes forth from her I know to listen closely. It’s the cue that she is getting ready to rock my world – a challenge is a coming and she knows me well enough to know this is going to get me fired up. I will digress here and say she has a very quiet, very affable way of speaking, so she just sort of slips these golden kernals of wonder into the conversaion – it’s my job (as it should be) to pick them up and hold them.  So, we were talking about projects I have in the works and she sprinked her magic words were about planting seeds.  I listened and let what she had to say roast in my mind for a while. In fact while I was drifting off last night, I was still roasting those beans – when I had a moment of utter and perfect clarity: The Vanderbilt Acorn.

Check out this little cutie... she's got a heck of a lot of potential.

Check out this little cutie… she’s got a heck of a lot of potential.

While I was away last week my trusty companions and I visited The Breakers. The acorn was, Mrs. Vanderbilt’s choice for an image on the family crest. How did this come about, well when the Architect R.M. Hunt asked her to chose a symbol or motto for the family crest so they could work it into the house detail designs she is said to have replied “Tall oaks from little acorns grow.”

Acorns = Seeds… I had the answer all along (think Dorothy and the shoes she thought she needed) figuratively and literally.

Those little acorns grew an American Empire. I was going to put this little cutie on our Christmas tree – this morning it was reappointed to hang over my computer monitor. Carpe Diem Friends, Carpe Diem.

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