I returned with a Sharpened Saw


I have returned from my holiday and I learned that having ones own business and working at someone else’s business have something in common. When you return from said holiday your email inbox will be flooded. Why yes it was five glorious days of unplugged goodness and I loved it. In fact, I LOVED it so hard I had to write it again in all caps.

The Fairy Godmother (aka the Bestie) and I hit Northbound I-95 and three hours later we were chilling in *Newport, RI. We were awed by the Newport Flower Show (the Fairy Godmother and I are Flower Show Addicts), ate crab soup, the best ever deviled eggs and cottage pie, and walked the ground of multiple splendid summer cottages. Before we departed I vowed to keep my energy up in win-win territory and recharge during the trip. The recharge was helped along by spotty wireless service and so by 5pm Thursday afternoon I decided to forgo any notion of  ‘a working vacation’ and completely ‘disconnect’. Everyone who needed to know I was planning to be on holiday knew, so I leaned in and the results were stellar.

In my humble opinion one of best self-development books is  7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. The 7th Habit is the one I’ve habitually had the most trouble with: Sharpening The Saw.

I work to achieve balance – eating well, getting rest, exercise and meditating. Notice I said ‘work to’ did you? And, self-care and self renewal shouldn’t be work. They should be welcome breaks in our routine, the happy habits – a daily walk, quiet meditation, healthy meals – that renew us. But, I’m an overachiever, a workaholic and a perfectionist… and once you add a business to run and a family to care for to that mix – it can mean too much pushing through and not enough time recharging and caring for self. Alas and alack… working to find balance.

This break came at the perfect time and with the perfect people. New ideas and solutions to pesky problems began to flow. Yes, I let some workshop ideas get juicy and marinate. Journal templates to help clients bloomed in my brain and brought friends in the form of other great ideas during early morning walks along a still harbor. I returned with new ideas to organize my closet and simplify packing to move to a new space.

The list goes on and on – and I’m suddenly seeing the value of the 7th habit much more clearly then ever before. My eating steadied itself and as we sought out fun, quirky eateries which were accessible and boasted ‘from scratch’ menus. Effortlessly, I had one diet coke in 5 days… yet at home all during the month prior I kept trying (and sort of failing) to cut back from my daily intake of 3 or 4 cans too many.

I’m excited to share these new ideas and results from the reset so keep checking this space in the weeks ahead – like my ‘All you might want to know… series” and much more. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

*Newport is a special happy place of mine, one of those spots I immediately start planning my next visit to fifteen minutes into the car ride home. I was beyond excited to share this special place with my best friend and wee love of my life. I’m in the process of writing a separate post which is all about our travels and low on life coaching if you want to check it out.  I’ll link to it here, once it’s live.



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