Tuesdays on the Run: Ouch

It’s Tuesday and that means it is time to run past the Blue Coyote comfort zone join the blog link up  hosted by Patty from My No Guilt Life and April from Run the Great Wide Somewhere.  I am truly having a ball linking up with these amazing bloggers. Check them, and the other fabulous bloggers who’ve linked up, out as we talk about all sorts of running related issues.


Today the post prompt is running injuries. I spent the day out and about with my Hubby and the Wee Khaleesi. We walked all over an amusement park (sorry April, not Disney just yet) and had such a great time I’m getting all misty eyed remembering our day.  I had looked up this week’s topic during the car ride to the park, so this post has been rolling around in my mind all day.

To date my big running injury (knock wood) is my perpetually sore and achy right knee. Technically, this isn’t a running injury – its genetic. My knee aches because of arthritis, which runs rampant through the boughs of my family tree. In the mid-90’s my Grandma actually had knee replacement surgery due to arthritis. Nearly 20 years later she is still kicking on her titanium knees… and I have taken her example to heart. I love my Grandma. I love her dearly. She was just not someone who looked after her health. I have various Aunts and Uncles… all dealing with arthritis in varying degrees and I can tell you those who kept moving are in a lot better shape than those who allowed themselves to be sidelined by the aches and pains.

This is one of the big reasons I run. It’s also a big reason I take yoga classes, watch what I eat, lift weights and cross train. I move every day because I never wish to be faced with a day that I can’t move. It’s just something I’ve been aware of for a very long time – when it comes to our joints we either move ’em or lose ’em.

Yes, this was the injury that forced me to miss the Tinkerbell Half. I was in so much pain I actually went to an orthopedist. He took x-rays, told me I had the start of arthritis in my knee and I asked for a refund on my insurance co-pay. I mean, talk about telling me something I already know – and charging me for it to boot.  In the end I’m going to keep walking and running. No question about it. At 40 years old I am keeping the family demon at bay – by running.


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One Response to Tuesdays on the Run: Ouch

  1. d20girl says:

    Thanks for linking up with us! My mom’s side of the family has terrible arthritis and it does hit the women in the knees. My grandma and my aunt both had both knees replaced and my mom had one replaced (and refuses to have the other done!). Knee pain sidelined me a decade ago when I tried to start running again, but losing 50lbs seems to have helped a lot! I’ve seen recent studies that say that keeping moving does help delay arthritis, so we’re on the right path! Hope your knee treats you well and that we see you link up again next week!

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