You only have this moment

This moment, right now, is all you have. It’s all I have, all anyone has… when you get right down to it.

The moment prior is gone and past – you and I no longer have that.

The moment to come is in the future and always will be – you and I no longer have that.

Last night I attended a powerful talk on time. The purpose of the talk was to educate Life Coaches so we can better assist our clients in terms of time management, time perception and how we value time.

Of course we have all heard that we only have this moment. We’ve been, in fact, bombarded with that point though multiple forms of media. And, to be clear, I’m not dismissing those messages. I’m embracing that message with both arms and a big, sloppy kiss on both cheeks! In fact it’s something I’ve been grappling with and researching on for quite a while. The big difference last night came when the speaker reaffirmed something I’ve felt intuitively for a long time now – but – have found no evidence to support – you are not paying attention to someone if you’ve got one eye on your smart phone.

In fact that’s so important to note I’m going to say it again: if you are engaged with a person – be engaged with them fully. It’s the quality of the time we spend with others that matters and is remembered – not the amount of time.

So, don’t think you can connect with someone while reading emails. Do not try to connect while texting and tweeting. If someone calls while you’re visiting with a friend consider letting voice mail pick up the call and focusing on the person you’re spending time with. Allow yourself the gift of an uninterrupted connection and get to the really great part – the part where there is laughter or tears. Most preferrable is the laughter that leads to tears and gasping (that’s how you really know it’s a good time).

Tell me, Dear Ones, what’s your favorite way to connect with loved ones?


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