Tuesdays On The Run: You always remember your first SHOES!

Last Tuesday I stepped way outside my comfort zone today and joined a blog link up  hosted by Patty from My No Guilt Life and April from Run the Great Wide Somewhere. As it turned out I had a blast linking up, so I’m doing it again this week! Check them, and the other fabulous bloggers who’ve linked up, out as we talk about one of my favorite subjects. Shoes!


I do love shoes. I have been overweight for most of my life and shoes were a ‘safe way’ for me to indulge in fashion and feel pretty. There are no guides as to how to dress your ‘foot type’ to obsess over – it’s the one shop a fat girl can enter and not feel out-of-place or an object of unwanted attention. You get to just pick the shoes you like, try them on, and, if they rock your world purchase them with no judgement.

I can still remember my first running shoes. They were pink Nikes purchased at the outlet store because they were under the heading ‘running’ and felt ok when I tried them on. I chalked the knee and ankle pain I felt that first week up to being out of shape and pushed on. The next week I asked all knowing google about ankle + knee + leg pain after running /walking. It took less than 10 seconds for the Big G to tell me how much choosing the right running shoes mattered. It seemed I should go to a running store and get a professional fitting. It took another week of agony before I got up the guts to go to a running store and ask for help.

Armed with my Google imparted knowledge I worked up my courage and headed off the Running Store in Ridgewood.  I even wore fresh socks in preparation of being asked to walk around without shoes.

The Big G was correct – and walk in my socks I did. I learned I over pronate and was offered a selection of shoes which would correct the problem. The sales man – who could not have been nicer – assured me the ‘right shoes’ would make a significant improvement in how I felt during and after a run. Following this advice I left the store with a pair of New Balance 860’s. Yes, the shoes made a huge difference and they’ve been my shoe of choice ever since.


What sticks in my memory, more than the shoes, is how kind the people in the store were. This was when I learned how welcoming and inclusive runners are – of each other. I was terrified that the sales staff would question how many miles I logged each week, how fast I ran, how long I was running… how long, how much, how many… I was literally sick with worry.

The reality is that I wasn’t asked anything other than to walk a few feet. It seemed to be assumed that I was shopping for running shoes because I was a runner in some way, shape or form… and that was good enough to be welcomed and encouraged. I’ve held that memory for a long time and it’s picked me up when I’ve felt less than more times that I can recall.

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7 Responses to Tuesdays On The Run: You always remember your first SHOES!

  1. longhorns2 says:

    Your first shoe experience is EXACTLY like mine! I was in Kohl’s discount Nike’s because they were under $40 for the first 3 months. Back ache, knee ache, and foot ache later, I finally got the courage to go to a big girl running store. Saved my running career! 😉 Thanks for linking up with us today!

  2. Glad you had a good running store experience and found shoes that work for you! I’m trying out my first pair of New Balance tomorrow. Fingers crossed that they have a model I like.

  3. d20girl says:

    Thanks for linking up with us! Ah, that first trip into the intimidating running store! I have to admit I still feel a little out of place but it’s all in my head, they are so kind and welcoming and helpful! And yes, when I was 50lbs heavier, the shoe store was the only store that was fun/safe for me to shop in.

  4. Jenny Lee says:

    What kind of shoes do you run in now? I also overpronate and I am using Saucony Guide 7s, which seem to be working out well!

    • Hi –
      I currently run in New Balance 860’s. It’s funny you mention those shoes because whenever I go to the running store I try on New Balance 860’s, Brooks (sorry, can’t recall the shoe name right now) and the Saucony Guide 7’s. I leave with the New Balance after prancing around the store in each shoe muttering how close they all are and how hard it is to decide. Good to know they are working well for you, might be the push I need to try something new.

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