Thankful Thursday: Being Body Grateful

What we focus on grows. This statement is true, powerful and also applies to the size of your thighs. Yes, I said the size of your thighs, all though it applies equally to the width of your waist, your hip measurement and belly pouch.

Wonder where I’m going with this?

Two very powerful words

Two very powerful words

If we focus on the size of a particular body part, which, we think could be smaller, firmer, somehow better – and we keep harping on what is wrong – we are not loving our body. We are not showing our body gratitude. We are not giving thanks for our health and taking the opportunity to optimize our health for granted.

I am guilty of this behavior in a BIG way.

Last night my training schedule called for weight lifting & thirty minutes of cross training.  So, I went to the gym and hopped on an exercise bike and peddled away for 30 minutes. I made some mental notes for blog posts, a grocery list and then my body critic piped up. Suddenly I was obsessed with the size of my booty and began to worry about what I’d possibly wear to camouflage said ba-donk-a-donk at my cousin’s November wedding. Yeah…November… and I”m already stressing over what to wear to hide my flaws.

Finished with the bike I moved onto weight training. Let me confess here and now: I LOVE weight training. I LOVE it so hard I want to marry it and pledge my undying devotion. Seriously if you want to feel like an invincible bad ass lift weights. Strange enough I started to critique my shoulders (puny and sloped) as I did over head presses. My inner dialogue progressed like this for another ten minutes and then something snapped and I decided I needed to snap out of this funk asap.

Bench pressing is my favorite exercise and with each rep I thanked my body. I thanked my chest and back for allowing me to engage in something I found so enjoyable. I applauded myself for being able to heft 75 pounds up and down for three sets of fifteen reps. And on it went. By the time I was done with my workout I’d devised a challenge for myself.

Body Gratitude.

For the next thirty days I will be grateful for my body. I will love my body and note at least two points of gratitude for my body each day. I’ll check in here, weekly (sort of Thankful Thursday mini post) and share my findings. Anyone who wishes to join me is more than welcome. Simply put a note in the comments and let us know where we can find your blog.


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