Happy Monday: Be Glad When People Talk Behind Your Back

I hope all of you Dear Readers had an amazing weekend! We most certainly did at the Blue Coyote Casa.

I’m going to jump right in today, and explain why it’s the best ever for people to talk behind your back. Quite simply, because they are behind you and therefore much easier to walk away from without so much more as a glance in the rear view mirror of your life. The negativity, the contempt and the discord they are breeding is behind you. They are actually doing you a great service as you can much more easily walk confidently forward in the direction you choose. You needn’t pass them. You needn’t wave hello or even offer an explanation as to why you’re walking away.

Just keep walking. Let me explain more in depth.

How many times have you been excited to announce a positive change in your life? Do you remember the thrill, the anticipation, the nervous giggles as you shared your dream? Maybe you were giving your relationship with food an overhaul and embarking on a healthier lifestyle. Maybe it was your plan to participate in an endurance event – such as a tri or a half-marathon. Perhaps you switched careers or looked seriously at life in new city.

A few days later you started to hear the rumblings as people talked behind your back. I bet it came packaged as care and concern, too. Running so much would be bad for your joints and you’d end up with a limp for the rest of your days. You’d be wasting your money buying organic produce, because everyone knows that’s a scam. And, my personal favorite – lifting those big, heavy weights would make your look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and really, no woman should have big, bulky, muscles.

How much time and energy did you expend trying to explain your point of view?

How much closer to your goal would you have gotten if, instead of explaining you simply walked away and put that energy into your own pursuits?

People who talk trash behind your back do so because they are unhappy. You are making a change and that makes them uncomfortable. Why? Who knows? Maybe it threatens them because if you can do it they no longer have an excuse not to? Maybe they will miss you at happy hour if your new, healthy lifestyle includes a reduction in adult beverages and bar food. Maybe…? Maybe…?

Those maybes are not your issue. It’s their issue. So, leave it with them and rest assured that people who truly love and care for you will support you – even if they have doubts. Fill your life with those people and walk as fast as you can away from the Negative Nellies. You’ll be happy you did.



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