Thankful Thursday: This is What It Looks Like

My Gratitude Journal, that is.

I experimented with some journal styles and found that what worked best for me, in terms of consistency and focus was to scribble write my gratitude directly onto my calendar pages. Yes, I use a retro binder style calendar. There are note pages in the back and pocket folders and even pages for names and mailing address.

The unexpected bonus? I look at my calendar multiple times each day – so these golden nuggets of thanks look right back at me – over and over. And, I eyeball them. I read them. I smile at the memories and am grateful all over again. This is the bit that I think has had the most lasting effect on me.

Without further ado, I give you Last Week! I do ask you excuse the black marker crossouts, I blacked sensitive info so this was blog suitable.

Last Week. Isn't She a Beauty?

Last Week. Isn’t She a Beauty?

Just in case you can’t read my chicken scratch, I’ll translate, so you can get a taste of my practice.

May 26th: Memorial Day. Very grateful for our first family zoo trip of the season. Super blessings to the carousel lady who let us ride twice!

May 27th: Today I’m filled with thanks at getting inspection set.

May 28th: I am very glad my baby cut a new tooth. Flower show tickets are here! Very grateful to have time away in a gorgeous place.

May 29th: I am thankful it all got done – without too much drama. I am grateful for a hot bath, glass of wine and sleep.

May 30th: I am grateful for two kickass coaching calls. Felt so good I got chills!

May 31st: I am blessed to have babysitters who love my mini. Very grateful my girl gets to know her Great Grandma!

June 1st: I am very thankful for family time and a mani-pedi break!

So, there you have it. I’m grateful for the small blessings: wine, a hot bath, a carousel ride with my baby. I’m grateful for the huge life changing blessing of coaching clients who are making real and lasting changes that will improve their lives (and the lives of their loved ones).

Today’s entry: I’m very grateful to live in a place where I can write online freely, sharing my thoughts and knowledge. I’m grateful to the soldiers who stand firm and strong to ensure I keep that right (past, present and future) and to the kind souls who read my words.

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