Thankful Thursday: Don’t Brush Off A Compliment

We’ve all done it. Someone pays us a sincere, loving compliment and we brush it off. We do it because of our own insecurities, because we think they feel compelled to compliment us or simply because we are don’t know how to deal with being praised.

This is especially hard for me when someone compliments my appearance. Case in point, last weekend we attended a family first communion. There we were in the elevator, at 9am on a Sunday morning and I was wearing a dress, stockings, heels and my hair and makeup were done. I was feeling pretty badass if I may say so myself, due to the fact that all of this was done, and the Wee Khaleesi and was dressed and ready and we were on time. Proof miracles do happen, indeed.

And then the wheels came off the bus: my husband told me I looked pretty. In fact, he said ‘very pretty’. I blushed, I stammered and was ready to brush him off (oh, it’s nothing or oh, you’re just so used to seeing me in yoga pants…). It was the look in his eyes that stopped me, he was so sincere how could I hurt him by brushing this off?

That’s when it hit me. To deny a compliment hurts not only you, because you’re devaluing yourself – but – you hurt the person offering the compliment. It’s like returning a gift someone who loves you chose for you with care and great consideration.

So, next time you don’t know what to say, smile big and say thank you. Love yourself and love the person offering you the compliment. I promise you’ll both be a lot happier.

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