Happy Monday

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Yes, you read the title of this post correctly.

Happy Monday.

I’m fairly sure more than a few of you grumbled and groused. After all Monday and Happy are four syllables hardly every uttered together… unless you’re beginning a vacation. Monday has the reputation of being the day we head back to the grind. It’s the gateway to the workweek and the day our precious weekend ends. Monday – we rarely feel happy to meet you.

I used to feel this way, too. Mondays filled me with dread, depression and drama as I headed back to work each week. Saying hello to coworkers on Monday always involved some lament about the weekend (“… over too soon…” “… went by so fast…”). Week upon week I started to get more depressed about wishing my life away. Then – in very random moment of serendipity I discovered a book that changed my outlook: Every Day A Friday by Pastor Joel Osteen.

Forget for a moment that he is, in fact, a Pastor and that this book does have a certain religious bent to it. I am not here to comment on anyone’s choice of religion, religious aspiration or push a set of beliefs. Let me, in fact, be very clear – I think everyone’s first and most profound religious intent should be “Harm None.”. After that I, frankly, don’t care what you do, who you pray to or any other opinion you might have. Simply put I espouse ‘Live and Let Live’ as my motto.

The power of this book and Paster Osteen’s message is simple – and in that simplicity astoundingly amazing: Every Day Is A Gift.

Yes, Every Day no matter how mundane, how extraordinary, how sublime or how crumby… is a GIFT. Friday has no more potential than Tuesday or Sunday or Monday. They are all wonderfully perfect as a chance to be filled with joy and beauty – from the grand to the minute. Take me, for example: I got engaged on a Tuesday  – and I had no idea that was coming until my husband knelt down. My baby was released from the NICU on a Monday – to be fair we were hoping and praying that day would be THE day, but still it was a wonderful Monday. And, the day we brought that amazing little stranger home for the first time was an amazing Wednesday.

Every day has the power to be great. Every day has the chance to be memorable – if we make laughter, kindness and recognition of the small gifts we are given daily our focus – we can’t miss. I challenge all of you, Dear Readers, go forward and notice something wonderful on this sunshine filled Monday.

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