Round-Up The Highlights

Once upon a time, not very long ago at all,  I worked for a traditional corporation. Every Friday morning my colleagues and I would race into the office, rush through the coffee line like our hair was on fire (uhm, to be fair – that was a daily occurence, but whatever) and land in a conference room for a 9am meeting. Later this meeting was mercifully moved back to a 9:30am start time – but of course that just meant we all rushed just the same to make a meeting that began a half-hour later. What? You thought you were the only one who did things like that? No!

This meeting always ended with our director calling for “… a quick round of highlights/ lowlights – of the week that was…”

Typically we’d begin with colleagues in the UK, move east to colleagues in Germany and wrap up with the US offices sharing their trials and success of the week. This world tour was far from quick and it was torture. The pressure to come up with a show stopping highlight week after week was huge. Most weeks I was thrilled when things were status quo: not too many tragedies and projects moving all ahead full (as my Dad would say). Those weeks were the best until the train ride Friday morning when I could no longer avoid the highlight issue. I had to think of one – fast – and it had to be really cool.

The first Friday I was home after leave began I was shocked to find I was thinking of my colleagues at 9:30 – and wondering what their highlights would be. A few weeks later I would snicker and laugh at the highlights I would share if I was the meeting: “This week was exceptional! I showered three times and brushed my teeth daily! The baby has successfully latched for all feedings and poop has happened, daily, with a 15% increase in volume. Pass me that gold star of the week!” Almost a year later, these thoughts still crack me up on Friday mornings.

So, how does this relate to Life Coaching? Great question.

Rounding-up the highlights forces you to review your week and take stock of the interactions, the phone calls, the emails and all the details that get lost in the shuffle of day-to-day dealings. I find myself keeping track. I congratulate myself for the victories and trouble shoot the shortcomings. This ritual, after 200+ weeks,  is as ingrained in me as any ritual is likely to ever be – – and the distance from that conference room has allowed me to see the true value of a week in review. Time spent in honest reflection is time well spent. When recorded in a public space (conference room, blog, journal) the reflections take on substance and breathe themselves into valuable  mile posts.

So… a quick round-up of highlights / lowlights for this week:

I failed to publish my Thankful Thursday Post on time and posts in general were sparse. I’ll shore that up for next week and publish regularly.

I had two amazing coaching calls! Let me tell you folks – it GOT REAL! I hung up the phone and had a happy little dance party when a client had a breakthrough. A BIG breakthrough… this is going to change her life in an amazing way and I’m still smiling two days later.

Oh, and there were cute, new pajamas… washed, folded and neatly photographed.




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