(Shake Your) Tailfeather Tuesday: 378 Days

378 days.

That’s one year and 13 days from today.

Yes, I’m referring to the 2015 Tinkerbell Half Marathon – which the folks at Disney have moved from mid-January to Mother’s Day Weekend. That’s also the wee Khaleesi’s birthday weekend. The Mom in Me is justifying signing up for this half so my baby can celebrate her birthday in Disneyland. The Me in Me has been itching to run this half since I had to skip the Inaugural Race of 2012 due to injury. I was pregnant at the time of the 2013 half and recovery from and inadequate training time due to said pregnancy made the 2014 half an impossible task.

2015… it could be my year.

There are considerable logistics to plan for and around before I can toe the start line for this race. Take note, that doesn’t mean it will or won’t happen; it just means solid planning. Plus, being realistic about the plans and considerate of my family; half marathon training requires sacrifices – including repositioning  family resources (time, funds, revamping the meal plans) to support this goal.

So, in the weeks to come this Coach will Walk the Walk, er… Run the Run and use this space to keep accountable on this goal. First hurdle up: increasing weekly mileage to make half marathon training possible. Currently, I run 3 to 5 miles per week – and I’m s l o o o w. On the plus side the wee Khaleesi is now old enough to be in the stroller while Mommy jogs so this weeks goal is to log a solid 6 miles: half those miles with the stroller. The point being to get used to stroller running with proper form so as to avoid injury (hers or mine).

I’d love to hear what goals You have, dear Readers. And, if any of you are Moms or Dads with tips on keeping a workouts on pace with the mini’s in tow… please share.

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