(Shake Your) Tailfeather Tuesday: Unoriginal Ideas


Some ideas  are the result of random thoughts just floating past my conscious mind. Some ideas are the result of working through a problem an opportunity. Some ideas are the result of reading about other people’s great ideas and thinking “Yeah!”

I had an idea of the latter variety over the weekend. I don’t remember where I read this – and I if and when I can remember I will post the original research – but something about this idea stuck with me. The idea is simply to keep a journal of short entries. Instead of writing long missives that become daunting to keep up with after the initial excitement of the project wears down, you simply jot the date and time and a few sentences to mark the memory of something.

I was in the shower (home of my very best ideas) Saturday morning and this idea came wandering through my mind. I tried to remember where I read it and then abandoned that ship because: a) it was far more fun to spin the original idea into something ‘other’ b) trying to remember was making me nuts c) I have a young child and a showers long enough to remember where I read something months before are no long a life luxury I have d) I was itching to put my version of this idea into action.

Onto my version. I kept a journal while I was pregnant and no, I wasn’t a faithful daily, weekly or even monthly writer.  I started out intending to answer the same questions weekly: you know like how much weight had mommy gained, what is mommy craving, etc. That just didn’t ring my chimes so I let it go.

Instead, I used the journal to keep lists of things we needed to do to prepare for our little one’s arrival. I also used it to take notes during our hypnobirthing, breastfeeding and sleep workshops. So the book is a hodgepodge and the honest representation of what the time or preparation and joy was for me; for our family.  I called the journal a win because I took an idea everyone was doing – the weekly update so baby has a memory book and made it relevant and wonderful for me.

So, I hopped out of the shower and took the notebook off the nightstand. I wrote a quick note about my new idea and vowed to keep jotting notes about the amazing things she does and she says. I vowed to keep a record of not just her life – but our life as a family.

I have plans for this notebook and when it’s filled I plan to find another notebook and continue jotting notes about the amazing things that she does and we do and say. I love the idea of this as a journal because journals are our own – like our teenage diaries with locks of old – personal and private and note meant to be shared. It’s for us, for our family and the wee Khaleesi has grown she may choose to share it with her family (gasp… Grandchildren?).

So, you see the real point of value is in taking an idea and making it your own in the execution of the idea. And so I say unto you, Dear Friends, go forth and make an idea you read or saw or heard of Your Own.

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