Thankful Thursday: Made Me Smile

I was all set to write about my daily gratitude practice this morning. I was going to talk all about how being mindful of my blessings made my blessings double and triple and become a veritable avalanche of goodness.

I was going to cite wonderful articles about the benefits of being grateful; lower blood pressure, stronger immune systems, freedom from chronic illness.

My plans changed – for the better – earlier this morning when my brother-in-law called to ask if we where still on for a cousins play date. Oh yeah! So he came to visit with my niece and nephew and we set out to explore and have adventures in the warm sunshine.

The result we all (two grown ups and two kids and a baby) had a day of non-stop smiles and giggles. We visited the train station to count train cars (my nephew loves trains) walked along the river, watched boats carry men and materials out to build the new Tappan Zee Bridge (or whatever the new bridge that replaces the TZ will be called), got up as close as possible to a light house, planned adventures for summer vacation and ate our ice cream before lunch. That’s right ice cream before lunch. That’s just how the strollers roll with our group.

So, next week and in the weeks to follow we’ll talk all about gratitude and the positive impact saying thank you has on our lives. I’ll offer solid coaching on how to begin and grow your own gratitude practice and I’ll turn over the blog to guest posters so they may share how being grateful has enriched their lives.

Stay in the moment and stay tuned.

Thank you all for reading!

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