(Shake Your) Tail Feather Tuesday: In Praise of Baby Steps


Action and a plan.
A plan and action.
I think they go together nicely and in equal parts are vital for getting us from Point A to Points B, C and beyond.

Now, when it comes to making a plan I am class Valedictorian. It’s this obsession, love and reverence of a solid plan that brought me to life coaching as a profession, I’m sure of it. It’s also what brought me to *Library School – I am a first-rate organizer, list maker and planner. Seriously, you need a plan I’m your Coach.

Where I’ve always struggled is in putting my plans into action. More than one project in my life has been derailed on the path from thinking to doing. It’s a shame really, I would (and sometimes still do – remember I’m a work in progress) sit among neatly written, color coded, cross referenced and indexed plans and their corresponding charts and graphs… only to freeze and stumble and abandon ship.

Life Coaching changed the way I view those first steps from perfect plans into action of reality. How did that happen? Baby steps.

For the first time in my life I was told it was not only ‘ok’ to take some baby steps it was encouraged. And be still my twittering heart baby steps, I was told, would bring my plans from infancy to high school graduation. Nothing more – no weekends shut off from society, no long nights that would bring bags to my eyes. With small, digestible tasks my beautiful plans would have life and that was nothing short of a miracle to me. I had to know how this would be. Turns out it was as simple as it sounded.

By simply taking one or two or perhaps even three points from my plan and making a promise to myself that I would execute them during a given time frame – say a week for this example. I then took stock of what else might be happening that week – and admitted it would be ok to get a little less done. Then I wrote those goals and a week later I checked in honesty on my progress. Most of the time for me, granting myself permission to do less if the situation unfolded that way was enough to keep me on track and since I wasn’t going to fail by not completing all three steps – I would always get one or two done. More than not the momentum generated by ‘doing something’ would lead me to accomplish more than I thought possible. Super duper surefire win territory when you’re a Type A sort of someone.  Sure enough those precious little baby steps added up to a full-blown completed project in what felt like no time at all.

Now the keys to all of this accountability, honesty and working up an action plan (any wonder if LOVE the baby steps – they are embedded into the plan) are and will be future blog topics. But for now please join me in praising the Baby Steps as the road to bringing your dreams to fruition.


*Library School: yes, there is such a thing. Library School is typically what we call the  Master’s Degrees Program in Library and Information Sciences which most librarians attend.  In our modern-day and age encompasses higher learning on all manner of topics including: how to organize, access and retrieve information, synthesize research – just to name a few. Or, as my ever charming brother so sweetly and originally put it… it’s a Master’s Degree is ‘Shush’.


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